Want an old boat??

Want an old boat??

Yea well ...Neither does anybody else...

No matter how "cute"

You can't just leave it in your yard or driveway..

Big, little, short or tall

Big, little, short or tall

Texas Boat Disposal Service will take them all...

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Want an old boat?? Want an old boat??
No matter how No matter how "cute"
Big, little, short or tall Big, little, short or tall

Matagorda Texas Boat Disposal Service

If you have an old boat that you need to get rid of ...

you need Matagorda Texas Boat Disposal Service.

In today's save and protect the environment world
you can no longer let something, anything
and or everything just disintegrate.

The EPA and TCEQ

(Texas Commission on Environmental Quality)

has strict rules, highly enforced regulations and heavy fines
regarding the legal disposal of almost everything.

And just so you know burning it and burying it is out.
What's it?  Everything!

Disposing of cars, trucks, houses, RV's, travel trailers,
motor homes, tires, old oil AND BOATS top the list.

So whats the number 1 rule that applies to you?

You own it... it's your responsibility to
see to it that its disposed of correctly.

What's number 2?

If it's abandoned or dumped on your property...

YOU are considered the owner!

Number 2 is exactly what that is ... regardless its the truth.


There are

No Boat Landfills ...

No Boat Salvage Yards ...

No Boat Recycle Facilities ...

Boats have to be completely destroyed and
the pieces taken to the appropriate facilities.

Many boats have motors or fiber glass ...
have you ever tried to demolish fiber glass??

It is not only extremely difficult

it is also unhealthy ... especially

if you don't have all the right tools

Let us do it.


For all of your Boat Disposal Needs

Call Matagorda Texas Boat Disposal First, Last, Always!

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Matagorda Texas Boat Disposal Service is fully insured.

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All Services are available to the entire
States of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.